Easter holds a very special place in the hearts of our little family…Stephan and I were apart for three Easters in a row (2008-10) due to his deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. On Easter of last year, I was still on crutches and couldn’t stand up or walk on my own…I couldn’t even pick up our son or carry him. The great news is that, this year, we’re spending our fourth Easter in a row together as a family, and, shortly after Easter last year, Jesus miraculously healed my knee/leg and gave me my life back.

So many people are having to spend this Easter away from family and friends for various reasons…Others need a miraculous touch from Jesus, whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, or otherwise.

Whoever you are and whatever situation you may find yourself in, my prayer for you is that you would know in your heart, your mind, and your soul that the God who never leaves us…the God who heals and restores what is broken…the God who speaks a word and creates something out of nothing…the God who can resurrect what was once dead…the God who can intervene in ways that no human could ever possibly imagine…this God is VERY alive and well!!! May you grasp how very much Jesus Christ loves you and cares for you!!! May you sense His nearness in ways you never thought possible, and may you understand the gravity and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in both tangible and intangible ways.

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