Several people have sent me this article and have asked my opinion about it. In all honesty, I am saddened but not surprised. Ladies, as someone who has and continues to walk a challenging road in ministry (as an academic who teaches Bible classes at the university/college level, as a minister, and as an active duty Army chaplain’s wife), I implore you to continue pursuing whatever it is that God has called you to be and to do. There will be times when others will say things about you (both to your face and behind your back). There may be times when someone tries to bring a halt to what God is doing in your life. There may even be times where you feel like you can’t go on, but I’m asking you to look beyond what you see in the here and now and continue pressing on. God WILL open doors for you that others may deem to be impossible. God WILL be with you, and God WILL sustain you. Keep pressing on!!!

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