Jehovah Rapha: The LORD who Heals

My testimony of God’s healing power (given at AMR chapel, Hawaii, on Sunday, April 14,Jachin and Boaz 2013):

As most of you know, I woke up with an unexplainable sharp pain in my knee seven weeks ago (Sunday, February 24), and I have been on crutches and in a brace of some sort ever since. I haven’t been able to study, to do normal day-to-day activities, or to pick up and carry our son. Throughout this time, I’ve taken lots of tests, including a knee tap, x-ray and MRI, and I’ve seen several doctors (all of whom are Christians and believe in the power of prayer). I finally received a diagnosis a little over two weeks ago (Friday, March 29) and was told that I had retro patellar pain syndrome, which affects the kneecap and the two tendons that run from the top of the knee to the bottom of the knee. I was then sent to physical therapy to see if that would help strengthen my hip and quad muscles, which would put off surgery to straighten my tendons back up and reset my kneecap.

Throughout this time, people all over the world, including you, were praying for me and for my family, which was incredible. Whenever someone would ask me how I’d like for them to pray, I’d tell them that I’d like for God to provide the doctors with wisdom to give me an accurate diagnosis, and then I’d like for God to miraculously heal me in such a way that everyone would know that God alone is the one who healed me.

That brings us up to this past week. On Wednesday, I received a phone call from the assistant dean of New Hope Christian College, and he called me for two reasons. First, they’ve invited me to be a part of their faculty this upcoming fall semester. Second, he invited Stephan and I to come to their annual gala, which was held this past Friday (two days ago).

I normally wear my compression sleeve and use crutches every time I’m outside of our house because then I can actually move my knee a little bit; however, I decided not to use my sleeve that night and just use crutches because my dress was knee-length and the brace would have made my dress look really tacky. When we arrived at the gala, I left my brace in the car, said a quick prayer to ask God to somehow control the pain and spasming for the next several hours, and then we went in.

At the end of the evening, an alumni and student worship team lead us in a few songs. I was sitting down while everyone else was standing up. During the last song, I sensed God telling me to stand up, but I told God, “I don’t want to stand up because I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of all these people.” The reality was that I just didn’t want to fall on my face in front of a bunch of strangers. The response I sensed from God was, “You’re sitting in the back and on the side. No one is going to see you.” This is interesting because Stephan and I were initially seated at a different table on the other side of the room that was surrounded by other tables and other people, which would have made me even more self-conscious.

Anyways, God convinced me it was okay to try to stand up, so I pulled myself up and leaned on the back of my chair for support. A little while later, I sensed God telling me to let go of the chair and take a step back, so I did…and the pain in my knee was GONE!!! I grabbed Stephan’s hand and told him, “The pain is gone…it’s gone!!!” We were both in tears…I sensed God telling me to try to walk, but I was crying so hard that I just couldn’t do it yet. After the worship service ended, I looked at Stephan and said, “I’m going to try to walk to the wall and back, ” and I did. Once again, there was no pain…it was GONE!!! Jesus miraculously healed my knee. HE healed my knee!!!

It gets better though. I was still experiencing some stiffness in my knee, even though I know that I know that I know that Jesus healed me. Yesterday morning, our son, Liam, spilled some milk on the dining room floor. I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, and I squatted down to clean it up (which I haven’t been able to do for the past seven weeks), and I felt and heard a really loud pop in my knee. It hurt really badly for a brief moment, and it felt like my kneecap had shifted its position a little bit. It was loud enough that Liam looked at me with a questioning “What was that?” look on his face. My initial thought was, “Oh no! Jesus just healed me last night, and I’ve already messed it up,” but when I stood up, all the stiffness in my knee was GONE!!! It is GONE!!! So I’ve been able to walk normally without pain and without stiffness since yesterday morning. Jesus healed me. He answered our prayers, and he healed me. There is no doubt, no question, and no hesitation at all about this. He did a miracle. God himself touched me and healed me.

I wanted to share this with you today because I know you have been praying for me, you’ve asked other people to pray for me, and several of you have gone out of your way to love on us, and I wanted you to tangibly see what God can do when we pray and believe. Our God does the miraculous today, and he is the ultimate healer! Now, I just can’t wait to go back to my physical therapist and the doctors who have worked extensively with me and show them what God has done. God is good and he is the ultimate healer! Amen?

***I did go back to all my doctors and my physical therapist over the next couple weeks to ask for confirmation that Jesus healed me, and all of them confirmed that, indeed, Jesus healed me. God is so good!!!

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